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So you have decided to sell your home?


Williams Real Estate, LLC focuses on providing outstanding service along with a great selling experience for our clients. 

Selling your home can be a daunting task that you may not want to conquer alone.

If you are considering hiring a full-service REALTOR
®️ for your selling
needs, why not give us the opportunity to earn your business?

At Williams Real Estate, LLC we strive to assist our clients needs/goals by:
・Providing exceptional full service throughout the home selling process
・Creating a memorable and pleasant selling experience
・Providing excellent service for a fair price

Getting the most money out of your home...
Sellers and REALTORS
®️ alike wish that selling a home was as easy as placing a "For Sale" on the property, attending a closing, and picking up a big, hefty check. Unfortunately, it's not always that easy.







The real estate sales process has changed over the years and it changed with the multiple listing services populating properties to the internet for buyers to see. The latest survey indicates that 95% of home buyers used the internet to search for a home.

Buyers now see every angle of the home, information about the home, school information, tax information and much, much more. The need to call the listing agent for information has been eliminated. The need to go from office to office or calling agents asking what they have available is gone. Real estate is no longer the "local agent" sells the properties. All of this is done by the all encompassing information source - the internet.

Sellers no longer advertise in three lines of print with the newspaper because buyers expect to see more about the home than text - they expect pictures and video. Unfortunately, many buyers make the wrong decisions about what to pursue because the pictures simply don't do the home justice.

This sums up the process in the simplest of fashions and what we want you to know is that getting a house sold really is simple. You just need a process within which to work from and massive exposure in the places that buyers are searching - the internet.

Why hire Williams Real Estate, LLC to sell your home?

Everything You Should Expect From An Agent

  • Strategies To Meet Your Need of Selling Quickly OR For The Highest Price — We have a game plan for any situation.

  • Set Your Asking Price — We will give you a range of prices to choose from OR the price to ask - your choice.

  • Give Advice On What You Can Do To Improve The Condition of Your Property — We visit the home and give you advice on what to do when you are ready to list with us.

  • Extensive Marketing of Your Property — We fully understand the motives and thinking of buyers and we maximize your product marketing in all the right places. Your property will be listed on ALL major websites and very important websites like Yahoo, MSN, Zillow, Trulia and many, many more.

  • Feedback From Agents — We have tools in place to help you find out what you want to know.

  • Strategies As You Go Along — Staying with the original strategy of when you started marketing your home may not be what you should be doing along the way and we have Plan B and Plan C in place, just in case.

  • Full Contract Negotiation and Closing Support — We support you in the process of negotiating your contract and we will negotiate as many contracts as it takes for you to be happy with one.

We Do The Hard Work for You

  • We Figure Out Where You Should Be Promoted — We constantly monitor the websites that are getting the traffic and we place you there.

  • We Monitor Trends in Buying and Selling — Our toolbox is full of options and ideas when it comes to attracting and engaging buyers.

  • We Tell Your Story — We place photos on your listing for you. We put your listing in place to yield the highest amount of buyers. We handle contracts and paperwork needed for your closing for you.

Provide Help and Advice When You Need It

  • We Support You In The Process — We are full of options to help you get your goal accomplished.

  • Live Client Support — We are available to help you get new strategies.

  • Straightforward Guidance & Advice — we don't beat around the bush - we are straightforward with our guidance and advice.

  • Guide Me — Not sure what to do next? Our 24/7 website will help you. 

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